Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Dog, Old Tricks (Junior vs. The Sprinkler)

Hi again! It's been a whole week since my surgery and I'm feeling great!  Almost as good as one of those spring chickens in the yard behind me that drive me so crazy.  (Lay an egg already!!!)

I'm even back to some of my old tricks--like this one:
Face it sprinkler head.  I own you.

My incision looks great and I'm not just toe-touching, I'm even putting a little bit of weight on my leg. I'm also really enjoying all the time I'm getting to spend with my Mom and Dad--especially my Dad.  He's been staying home to make sure I don't do anything silly like lick my incision or try to jump on the bed.  It's so nice to have him here and I feel so lucky to be spending my recovery with him.  And even more excited to spend the rest of my doggie days with him!

I'm sleeping well in my crate, even though I much prefer snuggling in the bed, and am adjusting to my lampshade considerably well.  It actually catches my drool quite nicely! I've also been eating and drinking well, and keeping up with all my medicines.  My Mom doesn't even have to hide my pills anymore!

A big shout-out to my cousins Rocky and Rudy.  I miss you guys but will see you soon when I'm all better and ready to play. In the meantime, Rudy, get the rope toy ready; and Rocky, don't sleep on me.  I've got new legs!!!  (Well, sort of.)

And an even bigger shout-out to Toby, the Boxer Rescue Foundation and the generous donors from their Boxer Mailing List, who made this all possible!  I wouldn't be here with my family if it weren't for you.

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  1. Aww, you are so cute Junior! The shaved leg look suits you well too buddy! Love you!