Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Puppy's got a brand new leg

Hello everyone! I've had my new leg for almost 6 weeks and things just keep getting better and better!  First things first--my mom wants me to apologize on her behalf for not posting for a few weeks.  She's been so busy taking care of me (and lots of other stuff!) that she hasn't had a chance to write.  And as I'm sure you can imagine, it's tough to punch keys if you have paws!

A lot has happened in the last few weeks--I got to visit my cousins Rocky and Rudy, who I stayed with for awhile before my surgery, and their new baby sister!  Her name is Harper (FYI, she is a person, not a dog) and she smells like Heaven, as my aunt would say.  I was in my crate when I first met her, but I still gave her kisses!  That's her with my mom and dad.  Isn't she cute?

It was also fun to see my aunt and uncle.  They have done so much for me and I'm so lucky to have them!  Before my surgery I stayed with them for awhile, and even though I really missed my dad and mom, I loved being there.  They took such good care of me and always gave me lots of love and treats.  I'm one lucky pup!  That's them on the right in our Christmas picture.  I was so jealous Rudy got to sit on Santa's lap...

I also got to see my grandma, grandpa and other aunt, who came to visit baby Harper.  They were so much fun!  They used to have a boxer that looked just like me, only a bit stockier.  His name was Bear, and he's who I'm named after.  That's him (and my dad and aunts!) when he was a puppy.

Pretty cute, huh? But not as cute as this guy!
Yup, that's me! It was taken the first day my dad had me.  He said it was love at first sight!  I thought the same about him too.

Don't think since I've been a travelin' dog the last few weeks that I haven't been doing my rehab.  Oh no.  You better believe my mom and dad made sure I stayed on track with that! This is the latest exercise.  My mom calls these our "Figure 8's," but I call it walking in circles.  Sometimes I wonder about her...see for yourself!
Like I said.  Circles!!!

And to finish it off, I wanted to include this picture.  It goes out to all those folks on the Boxer Mailing List who made my surgery possible.  Because without you, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the things I love, like sprinklers!  And we all know how much I like those.

Thank you for giving me a chance play in these sprinklers.  And live my life with my family!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hello everyone!  It's been almost two weeks since my surgery and I'm feeling better than ever!  I had my first follow-up appointment yesterday and I got an A+.  My incision is almost all healed, I'm putting lots of weight on my leg and I'm all done with my pain pills, antibiotics and anti-inflamitories. I'm taking two 20 minute walks a day and even trying to jog!  But, of course, my Mom and Dad give me quick leash tug because I'm not allowed to do that for a few more weeks.  I'll be there soon though!  Below are some pics from the last week.  Since the hair on my leg is finally starting to grow back, I don't mind showing off a little! 
Doing my rehab (I think this is called flexion?)
(And extension?)

YES!  I was right! A marrow bone for me!!!

Kisses for Dad. He likes it I promise!

About to take away Mom's camera...seriously...I'm trying to nap here.

Me and Dad in the waiting room at the vet.  The flash made me blink...
Waiting for the vet!  She was really nice. And gave me a treat!

Thanks for checking back in!  More updates and pics to come--unless my Mom's camera mysteriously goes missing...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Dog, Old Tricks (Junior vs. The Sprinkler)

Hi again! It's been a whole week since my surgery and I'm feeling great!  Almost as good as one of those spring chickens in the yard behind me that drive me so crazy.  (Lay an egg already!!!)

I'm even back to some of my old tricks--like this one:
Face it sprinkler head.  I own you.

My incision looks great and I'm not just toe-touching, I'm even putting a little bit of weight on my leg. I'm also really enjoying all the time I'm getting to spend with my Mom and Dad--especially my Dad.  He's been staying home to make sure I don't do anything silly like lick my incision or try to jump on the bed.  It's so nice to have him here and I feel so lucky to be spending my recovery with him.  And even more excited to spend the rest of my doggie days with him!

I'm sleeping well in my crate, even though I much prefer snuggling in the bed, and am adjusting to my lampshade considerably well.  It actually catches my drool quite nicely! I've also been eating and drinking well, and keeping up with all my medicines.  My Mom doesn't even have to hide my pills anymore!

A big shout-out to my cousins Rocky and Rudy.  I miss you guys but will see you soon when I'm all better and ready to play. In the meantime, Rudy, get the rope toy ready; and Rocky, don't sleep on me.  I've got new legs!!!  (Well, sort of.)

And an even bigger shout-out to Toby, the Boxer Rescue Foundation and the generous donors from their Boxer Mailing List, who made this all possible!  I wouldn't be here with my family if it weren't for you.