Thursday, July 28, 2011

Surgery? What surgery!

Hello everyone!  I'm home and resting now--the surgery went great.  I already feel like a new man! Dr. Bertoy and the girls at PetCare in Roseville took such good care of me. Here's some pictures they took of me while I was recovering.  Not my finest hour, but everyone kept telling me how cute I was, so I just went with it.

And here's a few of me at home with my lick-proof collar and cold press.  No fun, but Doc's orders! I'm doing so well I am almost touching my toes down to the floor--can you believe it?!

My Mom keeps talking about this rehab exercise we have to do soon?  Not sure what exactly what she's talking about, but she said there's a marrow bone in it for me if I do a good job, so I'm in.

Thanks for checking back in!  My Mom and Dad say to tell you to keep visiting (please!).  More updates and pics to follow!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Toby's ME!

Hi, I'm Junior. Well, Bear Junior that is! My owners set up this blog because they want to make sure everyone who helped make my ACL surgeries possible gets to follow my recovery. Thanks to the Boxer Rescue Foundation and their generous donors, I'll be able to live the full life I deserve, AND stay with my family! 

When my owners couldn’t afford the $3,200 surgery to repair the two torn ACL’s in my back legs, they started researching rescue organizations and calling everyone they could think of to see if anyone could help. (My Dad’s still in school and my Mom’s a struggling writer, so to say the expense was out of their budget is an understatement!)

But just when they thought they’d exhausted all their options and were days away from having to surrender me (a local no-kill shelter said they would do the surgery free of charge, but it meant I wouldn’t be able to go back home with my family), they got a call. 

July 18, 2011.  The day that changed my life forever.  The day my owners got a call from the Boxer Rescue Foundation saying they had raised enough money to pay for my surgery.  All of it!  Can you believe it? 

They sent my picture and story to the Boxer Mailing List, the first Boxer-oriented mailing list on the Internet, asking people to help. And they raised the money almost overnight!  My Mom says it’s because I’m so handsome.  (I’m sure that had something to do with it, but I don’t like to brag.)

The fund is called Toby’s Gift and is named after another handsome boxer. It’s a special fund that helps Boxers like me that come from good homes stay with the families that love them, despite unexpected veterinary bills.

I’m so lucky they picked me and can’t wait to share the story of my recovery with you!  My first surgery is July 27 and my second surgery is scheduled for October.  Please keep coming back as my Mom will be posting updates and pictures frequently.  Thank you again to the Boxer Rescue Foundation and all the generous donors who gave to Toby’s Gift.  I’m so grateful I get to stay with my family.  Thanks, Toby!