Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm now a dog who can jog!

Hi everyone!  It’s me, Junior here.  Don’t worry, the reason I haven’t written lately isn’t because I’m not doing well—it’s because I’m doing GREAT! (And because my mom got a job. YAY!)  I’ve been so busy with my walks and rehab that I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write.  Until now!

It’s been more than 12 weeks since my first surgery, and my leg is so strong, the doctor cleared me last week to have my second one.  I’m going under the knife this Thursday, October 20.  Cross your fingers that it goes as well as my first! 

Here’s a video of me jogging with my mom...and then me trying to lick the camera lens off.  I can’t believe I can run again!

Here’s a photo of my incision—or what’s left of it! All healed up!

And here’s one of me at Starbucks. Usually it’s my mom trying to take a million pictures…but this time it was my dad!  As my good friend Pearson’s mom would say, I’m “on strike” in this one.

In this one, I’m trying to show off my harness.  My dad says it makes my chest look big, which I think is a compliment.

This is of me at my cousin’s house.  Don’t worry, I’m not in jail.  That’s just me in my crate!  My mom and dad bring it over and set it up in my cousins’ living room so I can hang out with everyone when we’re visiting.  I miss being able to run around and play with them, but my mom says I’ll be “out” soon!

My mom wanted to post a video of me peeing to show how strong my leg is, but my dad said no. (She told me to tell you she’d keep trying.)

Thanks for visiting and to all those who helped make my recovery possible.  I’m such a lucky dog!  Speaking of dogs, I heard a rumor that my mom and dad are dressing up as ketchup and mustard for Halloween.  You know what that means…I’m going to be a different kind of dog for the night.  The kind between two buns!  Help!

Thanks again to the Boxer Rescue Foundation and all who donated to make my surgeries possible.  Without you, I wouldn't be jogging!